Services Provided

  • New Beginnings Group - This program targets adults experiencing problems related to substance abuse. To provide the client with assistance in gaining a realistic picture of his/her present situation, some topics covered are motivation of behaviors, physical effects, cons/defenses, self-assessment, the disease concept and value- belief system, in a didactic format. This group primarily targets first offenders or BAC.12 and below. It meets twice a week for 2 hours per session for 6 sessions (12 hours) and will be offered every three weeks.
  • Substance-Abuse Awareness Program (SAAP) - This group is a Level II program targeted for offenders that have high denial and resistance. First and subsequent offenders could be appropriate for this group. It will consist of ten (10) group sessions - six (6) group sessions (New Beginnings Group) along with (4) Relapse Prevention Group sessions with mandatory attendance in a 12-step program three (3) times per week plus an exit interview for further recommendations if necessary.
  • Intensive Outpatient - This program is designed for offenders who could benefit from the maximum impact and help offenders gain perspective on how to cope with chemical dependency. Our focus is primarily helping clients maintain sobriety by discussing life situations and discussing healthy ways to cope with life stressors. This program consists of six (6) sessions educational group (New Beginnings Group), ten (10) to twelve (12) individual counseling session and 12-16 relapse prevention/recovery groups. Lectures on the steps of Alcohol Anonymous and other treatment issues, reading and writing assignments will be required and is augmented by 12-step meeting (minimum three (3) times per week).

    The goal for the client upon discharge is to develop a workable plan for positive behavioral change, to lower the risk of recidivism.

  • Recovery/Relapse Prevention Group - Gender specific, consist of twelve (12) to sixteen (16) group sessions. This group is primarily designed for individuals with a clear pattern of abuse/dependence with emphasis on behavioral therapy/reconstructing and levels of motivation to change. It will also consist of educating individuals on: 12-step programs, triggers, relapse warning signs, individual addiction cycle and post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). This group also requires clients to attend three (3)-12 step meetings per week with written verification.

    Note: There is also random alcohol/drug testing during group periodically.

Other Services Provided

  • MIP-Zero Tolerance Education (ages 17-20)
  • Alcohol Highway Saftey Education - ages 21 and over
  • Gender Specific Women's Recovery/Relapse Prevention Group
  • Individual Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Assessments
  • Driver's License Appeal Division Assessments
  • Cocaine/Marijuana Specific Education
  • Urinalysis/PBT
  • Family Intervention
  • Family Counseling